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"Just wanted to give you the great news! Today I received the offer letter on the dream job in Fremont Kaiser that I had asked you about months ago!! Yay!!! I HAD to share this with you-you mentioned it wouldn’t be till the summer, although I applied for the job back in Feb! I was getting a little discouraged, but kept the hope and it finally happened! And YOU WERE RIGHT! Thank you ☺️ Xoxoxo "

Amar Bhullar

"I recently had a reading with Katherine. She was great to speak to and knew things about me she had no way of knowing. She even gave advice on how to tackle the next few weeks. She gave me the good with the bad and did so in a calm manner, which I am grateful for. I will read with her again sometime in the near future."

Meghna C


"Katherine is amazing, the kindest spirit you could ever meet. She has my complete trust and faith. She has helped me heal my heart, mind, & body for the third time now. Through her special gifts, she has been an incredible blessing to me and my family, and I know she will continue to be. I am eternally grateful for the blessing that she is in my life. I was introduced to her by my sister-in-law, and I can't imagine my life without her now. She knows her purpose in life, and helps us to understand ours. May she receive all the kindness and goodness she so generously gives. I recommend her to anyone who searches for truth and guidance. You will be at peace with your decision to meet her."

Nancy N.

San Jose Charter Schools Director

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"There is nothing more beautiful than bringing messages from spirit through the art of Mediumship."

Katherine - Spirit Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Practitioner, Oneness Blessings Giver


"I greatly enjoyed and benefited from my reiki session. Katherine is very gifted and a wealth of information. I felt a lot of energy move and feel better after. I am grateful I got to do a session with her."

Nicole Connell

Educational Therapist, Qoya Yoga Instructor

"There are no words to describe my session with Katherine. My dad had recently passed and knowing he is still with me set my mind at ease. " Dad" I love you and thank you for believing in me." Monica S., Hana Maui

Monica S.

Hana Maui

"I had a wonderful time with Katherine and she is humble and careful and has a unique way of getting through to people. I get a sense of peace and calm in body and soul. I feel closer to myself and my own soul with her assistance really light and relieved. Thank you so much I will came back again and I recommended her with some friends 🙂 "

Murano Nur Kadar

Housing and Development


Medium Katherine

Director of Samina and Katherine's Healing Essence

Medium Katherine is here to Serve!

Medium Katherine’s life has been an absolute adventure, taking risks in many areas. These adventures were necessary ingredients that have shaped who she is today. Medium Katherine walks the talk and thrives on how Spirit works through you, in you and as you! Medium Katherine’s heartfelt words are, “I AM here to serve.”

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Medium Katherine’s extensive spiritual training includes certifications, and training in all levels of Reiki EnergyHealing, Psychic and Mediumship, three levels of Controlled Remote Viewing, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Life Coaching, Ayurveda Wellness Counseling, Prana Yoga, Facets and Practice of Secheim / Sekhem Natural Healing, Introduction to the Colour Mirrors, Oneness / Deeksha Blessing, Meditation, Sacred Chants, and Sound Healing.

These offerings are versatile, practical and are available to assist you in various areas in your life.


Medium Katherine remembers vividly at a young age of 4 always being able to see and feel other beings around her. It was a part of her life then, as it is today. She didn’t feel any different from the other kids; there was nothing special about these ‘talents’ because it was naturally a part of who she was. It became difficult at times when other kids and family members would tell her that her experiences were made up even when the validations came to pass.

The English vocabulary falls short of words to explain Medium Katherine’s moments of feeling disconnected from this world. She felt that she never belonged and there was less support available back then. Medium Katherine has always felt that she belonged outside these earthly confines. Her desires to get to know Spirit, even more, came randomly. She never had to search extensively – the right Teachers ‘showed up’ to help her on this journey. Medium Katherine also resorted to self-help books and Public Television shows that featured great teachers like Dr. Wayne Dyer and Iyanla Vanzant. She also knew that she had to work on herself first so she could help others be better.

Fast forward…

Medium Katherine is a featured psychic and vetted member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics and Certified Psychics Society.  She has a physical office in the city of Campbell, California and works globally via Skype.

Medium Katherine continues to train with prominent Spiritual Teachers, Energy Healers and Psychic Detectives who are active in the spiritual circuit. She continues to teach Reiki Energy Healing, and Psychic Development.

What did Medium Katherine do prior…

Katherine had an illustrious career; while she worked in corporate health care, she earned her Masters in Business Administration in 2009, she is a Certified Personal Chef through The American Personal and Private Chef Institute Academy (APPCIA), she was a featured Chef on Gobble, Inc. and the Indi Food Network, she has performed Food and Wine Demo’s at Safeway Stores for Beringer Wines, and Cinematography for Geobeats called Kitchen Mastery series. She owned and operated Ahh Dessert by Katherine from 2001 to 2010.

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