Introduction and Accolades


My name is Katherine and I am a Spirit Medium, Channel, Intuitive Healer, and a Blessings Giver through The Oneness University.

Just like many, I took on the traditional route, and I worked in Corporate healthcare for over 15 years. I have a strong Medical background and I have an MBA.

My road to awakening clearly began when I was just 4. Here is my story…

I never had any intentions of becoming a practicing Reiki Master and a Medium; after completing an MBA program and having gone through training as a personal chef, I so wanted to own my own restaurant – that’s absolutely what I dreamed of doing. But ‘my crew upstairs,’ continue to surprise me and they are always keeping me on my toes with pleasant surprises.

I love critics and skeptics~ I don’t blame you, I once thought the same.

No, I didn’t wake up one morning and had an immaculate revelation that made me decide to become a Medium. Through spiritual counseling, I was made aware that I have the natural ability to connect with Spirit – this explained the non-medical explanation to all my anxieties.

My Psychic beginnings…

I had a very beautiful and normal childhood, but my awareness about spirit all began at a tender age of 4. I was enrolled at a Catholic pre-school ran by Lutheran Convent Nun’s and I can still remember how frustrating it was for my mom and my grandpa each time they would take me. I wouldn’t stop crying on the way to school, I wailed as we got closer to that heavy door that lead to the classroom. In my Mom’s frustration, she would give me 2 good smacks on my butt and off I went hesitantly. The place was scary and during nap times, I didn’t want to turn my back away from the door. I also felt as though I was being watched, there were pigments on the walls that were shaped liked eyes and I always felt like these eyes were watching me.

Then I shortly developed a kinship with an imaginary friend in kindergarten – as shy as I was, I didn’t have a lot of friends but I played with my imaginary friend, we would play hide and seek behind our school’s large pillars.

In second grade ~ One day on the first period, my teacher – Miss Violeta had me stand up to answer a math question. As I trembled, and gave her the wrong answer, she threw a chalkboard eraser at me and had me stand in the back corner of the room.

Back in those days, when one kid gets punished, all the kids got punished too – the rest of the kids got smacked on their hands with a ruler as I stood in the corner of the room with my ‘friend’ for half the day. I remember telling my friend – ‘well we’re standing here, maybe if we wiggle our noses at the same time, maybe we’ll become invisible’. So we started wiggling our noses and nothing happened – we were still standing and giggling in that corner of the classroom.

“Growing up, occurrences such as seeing mists, shadowy figures, feeling of eyes watching my every move…”

Growing up, occurrences such as seeing mists, shadowy figures, feeling of eyes watching my every move, seeing lights and colors around people were normal to me and I thought everyone saw the things I saw and felt.

Then when I finally got the courage to talk with people and my mom about things, they would either dismiss that or attribute it to my poor eyesight.

That’s when I began to withdraw. In my early teens, we moved to a bigger house, just right down the hill from a cemetery, and that’s when my experiences with Spirit became even more prevalent. I was very scared of them to say the least, but because I was just so used to having them around, those feelings of being scared faded away.

“I was hoping for the words ‘head case’ or depressed to surface – but that didn’t happen…”

As I grew up, significant events occurred in my life. I started having problems coping with the family and personal issues. I have reached out to my Medical Doctors and Forensic Psychiatrists and I was hoping for the words ‘head case’ or depressed to surface – but that didn’t happen. Instead, my previous Psychiatrist taught me how to meditate, no pills – but meditation.

After being reassured that there was nothing wrong with me I resorted to self-help books by various authors, one of which was a book written by Iyanla Vanzant called – “One Day My Soul Opened Up” and I began to read about metaphysics voraciously, I’ve also watched Dr. Wayne Dyer on KQED. When I started to recognize that I was not crazy, I participated in community meditation classes and yoga.

“There were many tears and painful experiences, and then my life started to unfold as I was led to the right Teachers and the right events…”

One day, I decided to check on my LinkedIn account and I saw an ad for a facial and I responded to that ad by making an appointment. Little did I know that the Practitioner who I made an appointment with was a Spiritual Healer and I was in for more than just a facial. On that day, I received my first Reiki Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing and Angel Card Reading. For the longest time, I had forgotten what it felt like to feel good about myself again.

Today, I feel more confident, safe and secure in this world knowing that I have been able to put a pulse into what I didn’t understand about my Self and Spirit growing up. I will be forever grateful to my ‘invisible friend / entourage‘ as she’ll never leave my side.

                                                  Life is beautiful ~

Personal Bio:

Katherine is a full time Professional Spirit Medium and has delivered countless documented individual (private) Intuitive and Mediumship Readings since 2011.  She is a vetted member of the prestigious Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics, Katherine is a teacher and runs Spirit Development and Meditation Circles both on line and in-person.

What did she do in her ‘previous life’Katherine is a trained Personal Chef through American Personal and Private Chef Institute and Association (APPCIA), she owned and operated Ahh, Dessert by Katherine. She was a featured Chef for Gobble, Inc. and the Indie Food Network. She was featured on a video series Kitchen Mastery and has done food demonstrations at California Safeway stores for Glenridge Wines. Katherine co-owned a fusion style restaurant in Mountain View Ca.

While she now resides in the City of Los Gatos Ca., she often travels to surrounding areas to facilitate booked Group Events and Private sessions.

She is currently writing her first children’s book and busy working on her Private Line HydroSoul Body Sprays and Therapeutic Eye Pillows

Accolades and Credentials:


Katherine is Certified in a variety of Healing modalities and has attended workshops with well known teachers in Spirituality including Psychic Detectives. Mentioned here are just a few.

Certified Ayurveda Wellness Counselor – Kerala Ayurveda Academy

Certified Psychic and Medium – Dr. Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

Certified in Energy Healing – Rev. Jeanine Sande

Certified Oneness Blessing Giver / Deeksha Giver – Oneness University

Facilitate / Teach:

Private Sessions on Chakra System, Meditation, Psychic Development – Sophia Center for Wellness

Facilitate and Teach Reiki Energy Healing – Usui Traditional Healing Method

Spirituality Center Learn it Live Expert: Spirituality Center – Learn it Live

Learn it Live Expert
Learn it Live Expert

(current) Licensed to do Business in the City of Los Gatos, Ca.

(current) Sellers Permit Santa Clara County

(current) Practice Liability Insurance through – NACAMS

Available for:

  • Charitable Gallery Reading Events
  • Media Events  and Interviews
  • Book Excerpt Contributions

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