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Spiritual Attachment

Spiritual Attachments

Spirit Attachment has been known by spiritual workers for a very long time, and because of the many paranormal investigations, it’s now being considered as a possibility and people are starting to become curious about this subject.

What is a Spirit Attachment?

When a discarnate soul attaches its energy onto a living human being; Often times, these souls have chosen to stay earthbound. Just like humans have choices, the discarnate are able to make choices too. When an attachment happens, the living person ‘carries’ the energy of the spirit attached to him or her. Most attachments are parasitic or dark in nature.

Why does this happen?

These parasitic souls often choose living people who have vices or weaknesses, for instance, an illness, or if a person consumes alcohol or people who have physical or mental health complications.

These souls find that same comfort of re-living some of the physical aspects of life. Other souls are confused and they don’t realize that they are dead and sometimes attaching their energies onto a living person is their way of asking for help. Some souls do not have intentions of harming the person they attach their energies to.

Some souls, deliberately seek out people so that they can feed on the energy given off by people here in the physical. Attachments are also, the easiest way for these souls to take advantage of the resources of this person and drain their energies away from them; in turn, creating negative situations with their hosts and those around them.

Will these souls eventually choose to move on to the Light? Yes, and the Angels will eventually help them to fully cross over.

You are at risk if…

*If you are a paranormal investigator or someone who does energy or spirit work

*People who dabble in the occult

*People who have emotional health issues and people who refuse to seek the help they need to help them get healthier

*People who have a long and current history of substance and alcohol abuse because drugs and alcohol diminish the body’s energy levels and therefore weakens the Auric Field and the Energy Centers.

Protect your Self!

Start with getting to know you!

Start with getting your whole body to an optimum health by eating right, exercising, participating in mindfulness activities such as Meditation

Giving yourself a layer of protection – a bubble of protection

The Best Protection ever here is your best ammo!  —– >   Practice Good Boundaries, because if you know yourself and if you understand who you are, then you’ll have no problem saying NO! to people or to entities that try to live off of people.

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