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Vehicles of LIGHT! Orbs!


(Picture credit, my friend Dorothy Priekus, Aborigine Tribe Native in Australia)

My friend Dorothy from Australia sent me this picture of an Orb in 2012, and it was the first I’ve seen of an Angel Orb, she’s told me that in the ‘bush’ seeing these vehicles of Light are pretty common.

April 15th, 2018

As I sat in Meditation last night, I asked my Guardian Angel to bring me a message. Filled with immense Love, I saw a silvery white orb stationary above my altar. Bringing me a sense of playfulness that of a child. There was clearly a message for me as I ‘tuned in’, and the message I was given is “Do not forget to have fun”, Something I’ve internalized and starting to practice throughout my day despite my busy schedule.

What are Orbs?

As I’ve learned, Orbs are vehicles used by Angels to bring forth their powerful energies. Most of the Orbs that manifest into our Present are that of the round shape because it is easier for the Angels to navigate without edges. They come in free form and in different colors that carry meanings and messages.

Here are the colors as manifested by The Angels:

Blue Orbs signify Power, Protection, Strength and Faith

Yellow signifies Wisdom to make good decisions

Pink signifies Love, Harmony and Peace

White signifies Purity and Holiness

Green signifies Prosperity and Healing

Red signifies Sage Service

Purple signifies Transformation

Silver signifies Spiritual messages

Gold signifies Unconditional Love

In my meditative walks, I am also told about black Orbs and these serve as a warning sign to be careful and be diligent about protecting our personal shield.

How do you distinguish an Orb from dust particles? In my experience, dust particles are reflective of light that moves fast, Orbs are usually stationary and they move slowly. Often, the truth about Orbs is revealed through our most dominant Extrasensory Channels.

Peace and Love always ~



Vehicles of LIGHT! Orbs!