(Marie Katherine is the Practice Director of Samina and Katherine’s Healing Essence.)

Short Bio:

My name is Marie Katherine, I am a Spirit Medium, I live and work in the City of Campbell California.

I went to Catholic Convent Girl Schools; I have always been a Medium, growing up what I saw around people was what I thought was normal and growing up it was difficult to come to terms with it because I couldn’t tell anyone. If I did, family or relatives would attribute these with bad eyesight.

As a Clairvoyant, I saw visions that I knew were messages, premonitions are a normal occurrence. I feel people’s emotions. It was difficult to shut it off, I felt as though I knew too much, and often didn’t know who to talk with.

So, with prayers, I was led to the right Teachers so I could learn properly – I honestly couldn’t tell you how I met any of my Teachers. I had many of them 🙂 Teacher’s just showed up for me, and I learned and, it was not easy. The road I’m on will be a long  and along the way, I will meet many more Teachers and I’m sure, on this road I am on – I’ll have lot’s to share with You.

Credentials and Accolades:

Katherine is trained and Certified an a variety of Healing modalities; she has learned and trained with prominent Spiritual Teachers and Psychic Detectives. What’s listed is her focus ~

Certified Psychic Medium – Dr. Carol Nicholson

Energy Healing – Rev. Jeanine Sande

Oneness Blessings – Oneness University, India

Ayurveda Wellness – Kerala Ayurveda Academy

Intro to The Angels and Dragons – Debra Hubers-Paradis


Featured Psychic and Vetted Member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics and Certified Psychics Society

Real Estate:

Found it’s way to Katherine – the opportunity literally dropped on her lap. She is preparing to work with Keller Williams as their future Real Estate Agent.

What did Katherine do in previous life?

Katherine earned her MBA in 2009 and worked in corporate healthcare supporting Medical Director’s. she has a strong medical background and has had the honor to assist Doctor’s with high profile patient’s.

She is trained in Martial Arts and a food fanatic, she is a trained Personal Chef through The American Personal and Private Chef Institute and Association (APPCIA), she was a featured Chef on Gobble, Inc. in Palo Alto, she was often featured in The Indie Food Network, she did food demonstrations for Berringer Wines and Safeway Stores. She also did cinematography for Geobeats called Kitchen Mastery, She owned and operated Ahh, Dessert with Katherine.