My life has been an absolute adventure; taking risks in many areas, these life adventures were unexpected ingredients of who I have become today.

I ‘walk the talk’ and know that I am in the most perfect position to be able to share myself and my talents with you. I am present, attentive, and thrive on all the wonders I hear about how Spirit has worked through you and as you.

I am here to serve!

Spirit Medium Marie Katherine

Book Katherine below or call: (408) 826 5978 or (408) 874-6307

Katherine lives in beautiful Northern California and currently works out of The Sophia Center for Wellness in Campbell, Ca.

As of May 2017 Katherine is available:

  • Monday Evening from 5 to 7 pm, we offer phone and  email sessions only
  • In-person sessions are available at The Sophia Center for Wellness in Campbell, Ca Friday-Sunday.

Now through Summer, evening Summer Sessions in the Park are available and may be booked any day of the week based on availability, please call us to inquire. What are you waiting for? Click on the green check mark to see our offerings, Call or Book on line today.


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