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Katherine, my name is America—I spoke to you about 3 years ago with Trish. Trish was actually the one that purchased that reading for me, and asked me to do it with her. She came over to my condo at the time, and you gave us both a reading over the phone.

The reading you gave me that evening over the phone—was very accurate and impressive! Everything worked out the way you said it would. You, along with my spirit guides helped me make the right decisions, and I THANK YOU for that. And yes, I do have my beautiful (21 month) little girl– you saw back then! : )”  July 13th, 2017

“Katherine is an amazing person!”

“I had a wonderful time with Katherine and she is humble and careful and has a unique way of getting through to people. I get a sense of peace and calm in body and soul. I feel closer to myself and my own soul with her assistance really light and relieved. Thank you so much I will came back again and I recommended her with some friends :)” M. Kadar June 29th, 2017

“I  am giving 5 stars for Katherine, she deserves a lot. My first contact was a reading, reading very accurate, honest and precious advices. It was a wonderful experience, she is very calm, bring peace in the heart, when you talk to her so you feel a good energy around. Some weeks ago I went for a reiki share she promoted, I arrived to her place so depressive that day, emotionally broken, feeling heavy, she welcomed me with precious words and so friendly, and after a Reiki session, I felt very light with good feelings. Katherine is very blessed, sweet and special.”  Priscilla G. 2016

Katherine was amazing from the moment I stepped in to their office. I felt very comfortable and listened to the messages she was passing on from my best friend and mother who have passed away. Her messages were very personal and it was comforting to know our loved ones who have passed are still around us and helping us. It was the most amazing experience and it gave me great comfort”Nancy C. Scotts Valley, Ca. October 2016

“I very much enjoyed our conversation. It was very therapeutic to be able to talk to openly to someone and understand where and why my life is going the way it is. You were very kind and genuine. I never had the feeling of being uncomfortable or played around with. I was nervous since it was my first reading, but I felt so comfortable talking to you. I came with a few questions and concerns about my decisions and you gave me peace knowing I am going in the right direction. I am excited to see where my life goes and to see how much of this reading it follows. I am also much more at peace to know my grandmother is around me at all times guiding me. I am trying to follow her instructions that she left with you. 

Thank you so much for your time!”  -Megan O. Fresno, Ca. September 2016

“Your lessons, guidance, readings and healing have been a powerful light in my life.  Your Chakra and Tarot classes were wonderful, however your recent Reiki class has made things whole and I feel complete. I look forward to my daily Reiki routine and hope that, with the guidance of Spirit, my connection will get stronger.  I hope to be able to send healing to family and loved ones.  I very much look forward your reading sessions as they have provided comfort, hope. happiness and relieved many anxieties.  Please pray for me that I will recognize the messages of Spirit. you have given so much to others; I firmly feel that you will now be rewarded for your goodness.” J. S. Elegant Sunflower Lady, South San Jose, Ca. January 2016

A truly comfortable and remarkable reading. I received much needed information. Thank you!!!” Eileen E. Santa Clara July 2015

Katherine is an amazingly compassionate person. Her reading rings true. Have referred her to my other friends. They too found great guidance from her reading.” Karuna J. 2015

Katherine was amazing! She definitely has the gift. She was very accurate and knew things that no one else would know, but me.” Nicci J. San Jose, Ca. 2015

Absolutely wonderful.. Very accurate, she knew stuff that no one would know. Have referred 3 more people to her and I plan to do a group reading soon. She is the real deal… Thanks Katherine” Lena G. 2014

Katherine is great and intuitive. When I got to the park she already had started my reading, she had a 3 papers with stuff written on them ahead of time. I have had many readying and she was able to tune in to a lot of thing that were happening in my life. She told me .that there would be some things that may not make sense at the time but would later. And yes, things did make sense later. I would totally recommend her. ” Vanessa G. San Jose, Ca.  2014

Katherine was fantastic. She knows her stuff. She is kind and very caring.” Yolanda, San Jose Ca. 2014

“Katherine’s reading was impressive. She gets some impressions before your appointment. I had never met her before. She had already drawn a little picture of me with my curly hair and glasses before we met. She also, had written down ‘teeth’. I have been having problems with one of my teeth and had just been to the dentist. She came up with several things like that of the here and now. We’ll have to wait and see how the comments about the future turn out. She was very nice and easy to be with. I’m sure I will ask to see her again in the future. I am pleased with the reading.” Krala S. San Jose Ca. 2015

“I received a most amazing reading from Katherine. Her approach is caring and nurturing and I instantly, felt comfortable in her presence. She provided me with insights and a comfort that is unexplainable. Some of the things she conveyed, left me curious but resounded deeply within me. As only 2 days have passed since the reading,  I have seen things differently and items and subject matter that she brought up, have transformed before my eyes. The value I received from the reading is so hard to put into words. I just hope that, if you are reading this and are wondering if Katherine is the right choice for a spiritual/psychic reading, that you decide to take the chance – I’m confident you’ll be more than happy you did.” Cheryl H. Yelp user 2014

Awesome reading! I would see her again. :)” Frances  W. San Jose, Ca.

“Katherine is truly gifted and insightful. She is able to give advice without influencing your decision. Occasionally she will provide insight into the future, but never so much as to encourage you down a path where that future would no longer be possible (think butterfly-effect prevention). Her core philosophy is free will and connection to your own self. Ideally, you would be in tune with your soul enough to listen to your guides, but in a less-than-ideal world Katherine is a great resource to tap into that wisdom. She is such a humble and beautiful person, if you were to decide to give anyone your time it should be her.” Michelle C., San Mateo, Ca. 2015

“Katherine was amazing. She was spot on my situation and gave me information about my life that was shocking to me. she is very accurate and gifted. I would definitely give her a try!” Parisa S. 2015

“I had an intuitive reading by Katherine back in January. She asked to meet me at a local park. I was kinda nervous meeting her but she quickly put me at ease. It was an amazing experience. Katherine is the real deal. She was so spot on. She actually brought me to tears. I am so grateful for the reading and for her insight. Since my reading I have recommended her to a few friends and have heard nothing but rave reviews from them as well.”  Gracie F. 2015

“I just had an over-the-phone reading with Katherine this evening and I can tell you I have never had a reading like that before. This is the stuff you see on talk shows and wonder, “That’s so specific, it’s got to be staged.” Experiencing that kind of specificity was out of this world and gave me the chills. She read things that only I would know about. It was amazing! I am definitely returning for more readings. She is humble and kind. My mom just booked an intuitive reading with her as soon as I called my mom after my reading! YES.” Teri J. 2014

“Katherine is wonderful.  She knows how to make someone feel comfortable, and she is very sincere towards work.  My mom and I have sought guidance from our loved ones, and Katherine has always been very sincere and honest in conveying messages.  We feel truly blessed to have met Katherine and thank her for all that she does.  

For any first timers, just understand that sometimes a reading may not make sense at that moment, but things start to make sense in time.” Peaceful D., San Diego, Ca. 2014

“I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet with you! I didn’t know what to expect from the reading since I have never had one before, so I tried to keep an open mind going in. I think that the reading has provided me with a lot of insight about myself and what is to happen in the future. It is actually very exciting! It has also answered a lot of questions for me as well. I found you to be warm, sincere and very calming. It just amazes me that you are able to speak with loved ones that have passed on and I was glad to be able to connect with some of mine. Overall, a very positive experience! I would definitely get another reading from you in the future and am thinking of taking one of your classes too. Thank you for your time and for answers to my questions.” Carlene F., San Jose Ca. 2014

“This woman is the real thing and spot on with her visions. Katherine has such great positive energy around her that reflects warmth and kindness. I have seen her twice and she is extremely accurate. She is absolutely the real deal! I will continuously have her on my advisory counsel for life. I will recommend her to my mom and family. All I can say is thank you thank you for all your vision which is providing me guidance to my happiness.” Terrence, Sunnyvale Ca.

“Katherine was a joy to spend time with!  She was crazy-accurate and pragmatic without imparting BS “mysticism” into her reading.  I saw her in June and several of the things she mentioned came to pass.  I like her practical approach.   I would recommend her without hesitation and hope to see her again next year.” Christina P. 2015

“Katherine, I really appreciate the amount of information that you did send and I really felt very comfortable speaking with you on the phone. It’s abundantly clear that you are really in tune with what you do. It is very exciting knowing that there’s someone that I can really trust for guidance and insight, because I really have a lot of things going on all at the same time at this point my life. I am also very interested in having regular sessions with you in the future.” Tim K. Santa Cruz, Ca. 2014

Oh I’m so happy I’m dying to know what it is now bout time things started to look up for me I was beginning to fell a banded 😉  ur really good at what u do I can’t get over how spot in u are its amazing gift to have!!” Fiona O., Ireland 2013

“Hi Marie Katherine, I’ve just read my Reading and I have to say that I am impressed, I must say, this is amazing! I had to re-read it over and over and still trying to absorb all of what you’ve written. Thank you again and again.” Ceylin O., Turkey 2013

“Thank you so very much for the wonderful Reading you did for my husband Darrell. It was exceedingly informative and I loved knowing that we had such a good connection together. I have just referred you to 2 of my closest friends in England and they will be in contact with you shortly.” Barbara E. England, UK 2013

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