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Spiritual Rituals

Spiritual Rituals

Spiritual Rituals hold more meaning because it is important for us to engage in this on a regular basis.

We put effort into our daily morning rituals from brushing our teeth, taking our baths, eating our breakfast, and the same goes before we go to bed at night.

What are Rituals?

My own definition of a Ritual is – it is a solemn ceremony that consists of a series of actions that are performed in a specific order.

Spiritual Rituals are personal in the sense that we bring value and consciousness into performing the ritual. It makes it more sacred and meaningful when we add our consciousness to the ritual.

My morning rituals have been ongoing because of my evolving spiritual practice, I also found that my morning Meditations and Prayers have enhanced my practice.

Let me share with you my daily Spiritual Ritual –

Every morning before I get out of bed I thank the Divine for my breath and for a new day. As I prepare my breakfast, I light my candles, one for my Master Spirit Guide and one for my Guardian Angel and one special candle for the Divine.

I call on these forces to thank them and to tune in to their energies and their messages. This I do as I sip my warm lemon water, and as I wait for my coffee to finish brewing, I am in constant communication with my ‘Entourage’ as my day begins until the day ends. I always have candles lit up and spiritual chants playing every morning and sometimes if I am home, throughout the day. When I leave my house, I write sacred symbols on my front door for protection

These are the specific rituals that I have accustomed myself to doing for a few years now.

You too can create your own Ritual that is customized to you, it doesn’t have to be a spiritual ritual, it could be a hobby, it could be something that you like to do on a daily basis just like a nighttime foot massage with your favorite essential oils.


The Power of a Spiritual Ritual –

Will help you open yourself up to higher guidance and to feel deeply that connection with yourself. This is just as important of a practice just like brushing our teeth daily.  

The more you practice, the easier it gets as time goes. Bringing your awareness to spirit on a daily basis will make you more relaxed, grounded, nourished spiritually and emotionally stable.

Being in Alignment with divine intention:

The beginning of your ritual is the most important time to focus your mind on your desire and to commit to mental and ethical self-improvement. Think about what objective you wish to achieve with the ritual and create an intention that supports that thought or idea. For my office ritual, my intention is that I be a blessing to my home office and that my thoughts words and actions reflect that. Each time I light my candle, I set the intention with a short prayer that I will be a blessing to my clients as I work in my office.

To start a Spiritual Ritual –

It is important for you to construct an altar in a room where you would like to do your Spiritual Ritual. Add some ritual items that you are guided to use like candles, crystals, an altar cloth, clearing items like sage, essential oils or deity that brings meaning to you like Buddha, Jesus, Quan Yin perhaps.

Bless your altar with your constructed ceremony which starts with moments of silence, soft music, and prayers. In essence, the intention is for your Sacred Space to support you in your work. Clear your space from time to time to keep the positive vibes.

Hope this inspires you to start your own daily Spiritual Ritual ~




Spiritual Rituals