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Egyptian Chronicles May 2018


Welcome Home!

I have been re-playing the healing experience I had over the weekend with a client;

As powerful as it was, I just cannot find the right words to describe the profound experience.

May 13th –

It was a regular work day, I had a clients booked for Readings and Healing Sessions. It was a good day as I also had 2 walk in clients who patiently waited to have their sessions.

Veronica has been coming to me for Healing Sessions for a few years, she usually comes with her sister Suzette. Right before her Session I had a glimpse of her sitting in the waiting room as I finished up with a client, nothing out of the ordinary.

Soon after, I then motioned Veronica to the healing room and she laid on my table, I usually have music playing as I do the healing sessions but at that time – I just didn’t think of it.

As I got in my ‘zone’

I had my hands on her head delivering Reiki Healing to her, I suddenly felt as though a lightning bolt had literally struck me from above. I felt weak, couldn’t feel my legs or my feet touching the ground, I felt faint and nauseous, I felt so faint.

My client was asleep as I struggled to get to the chair at the foot of the table. I sat on that chair  briefly, I then stood up and opened the door and could barely walk to the Reading room where I had my purse and some candies – I felt that it was a good idea to boost my sugar levels up. As I walked to the reading room, my client’s sister saw how I was walking and that I was having trouble, and she saw that I was sweaty and pale – she asked if I was ok. I said no!

When I finally gained the courage to walk back to the waiting room, I just collapsed – with both arms dangling on the sides of the chair feeling faint.

Veronica asked what was going on and so I motioned her to come and sit with me in the waiting room.

I asked her if she had gone somewhere, if she had done anything different since I last saw her – if she had any extraordinary experience at all.

She tells me that she and her sister went to Egypt and visited the tombs

I then understood…

Samina & Katherine's Healing Essence

I was just struck my the most profound energies, and I felt overwhelming grace, somewhat feeling honored to have been chosen to experience that profound ‘download’.

Weeks before this experience, I have noticed some patterns in the messages delivered to a few of my clients and they all had one thing in common and that is a connection with Egypt in one way or another – In one session, the word ‘artifact’ came through in the automatic writing messages for a client and she validated this by telling me that one of her co-workers had found another job and on her last day of work, she gifted my client with an Egyptian artifact. There were at least 4 more clients whom I have Read for where in their spirit messages past lives came through as being in Egypt, Isis came through for one of my clients. I cannot account for the other instances as I recall, signs have been apparent but i may have dismissed it as I do usually because the messages from spirit isn’t supposed to make any sense to me because the messages aren’t for me.

If this is the Egyptian Energies that I am supposed to be working with at this time – I hope that I am shown how to properly use these powerful healing forces to help myself and my clients.

How does one lead to this…

Where months prior to this event, I have been consciously aware of seeing mySelf leave my body in the early wee morning hours and as I stand right next to my physical body and giving it the Reiki Symbols and bringing my body the healing it needs. How does one come to this?

I do a house call for a client and after her Readings she gets a Healing Session, and as I an giving her Reiki, I see her Spirit leave her body and I see her spirit talking and comforting her physical body – how does one come to this?

I know there will be more profound instances where spirit reveals more… I will be taking accounts on these future events as I continue to do this beautiful work.

It also seems to feel much easier for me to raise my vibration and stay at that level of desired vibration to receive.

I am in Gratitude and there aren’t any right words to describe, All I know is true…. On that beautiful Sunday May 13th I was gifted with the presence of the Egyptian Healing Energies – I just hope that it does not come in that form as I have experienced but a softer mode of transmission as I’ve been chosen to be that vessel to carry these precious Light Codes.

I did my homework…

Since that bizarre experience, I did research on the Egyptian Healing modality (if any…) and found Seichem Reiki. I did my search but the Teachers who teach Seichem live in other states… feeling frustrated and disappointed, I told my friend Debra about it and she nonchalantly said to me,

Oh yeah, I am a Certified Seichem Teacher – she made it sound that it wasn’t a BIG DEAL. My search is over – I have completed the 1st Facet of this Egyptian Healing Modality and will be completing my studies within 2019.

Love and Blessings,

Medium Katherine