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Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom


                                                                       Healing vs. Curing

A message from one of my favorite Dr.’s

“Since a large part of our journey to creating health  involves helping you to activate your own power to heal knowing the difference between healing and curing is very important.

A cure…

means doing something of taking outside of yourself that will suppress your symptoms or make them go away. As an allopathically trained physician, I’ve been trained to cure disease, usually with drugs or surgery. But the holistic physician i have become knowns that all too often the tools of my trade may cure the physical symptoms without healing the patient. In addressing the deeper healing that the symptoms is calling out for. I now also acknowledge the contribution of mind and spirit in the healing process.

I once performed a hysterectomy to cure a woman’s heavy bleeding and chronic anemia from blood loss. Within a few weeks, her anemia and fatigue were gone. However, she felt as though the surgery had robbed her of her womanhood. She was not healed by the process. The same thing can happen when you are on drugs that ‘cure’ your symptoms but cause side effects that make you wonder whether the cure is worse than the disease! (Depression on tamoxifen is an example, as are high doses of prednisone resulting in thin skin, weight gain, depression, etc.)

It is Possible to be Healed Without Being Entirely Cured

Healing is a process of bringing the hidden parts of an illness to consciousness. In the process, we are made more whole – even if the symptoms sometimes remain.  Yes, it is possible to be healed without entirely being cured. On the other hand, it is also possible to be healed and, in the process, to be rid of your symptoms, too. In intending to be healed, some people become cured.

Whether or not you get rid of all your symptoms, you too can heal your life – and I truly believed that all of us have the capacity within us to get rid of our symptoms as well, even though it doesn’t always work out that way.


involves making peace with your past and accepting yourself as you are right now – symptoms and all. I’ll never forget a young woman I worked with who died of cervical cancer when she was 34. On the day before she died, I went to her hospital room to visit her, she had had disfiguring surgery and there was no longer anything chemotherapy and radiation had to offer her. Nevertheless, as her face radiated well-being and joy, I knew she was truly healed. She said to me, ‘I always thought that if I ate the right foods and exercised enough, I would be healthy.Yet I never had much compassion for myself – I kept myself out of my own heart. Know I know I was never kind enough to myself and I know that i have been healed. I feel so grateful for all I have learned in this passed year.’

Your Symptoms are messengers Whose Mission is to Get you back On Track

Though many people don’t heal their lives until they are faced with a health crisis, I advocate looking at your symptoms as messengers whose mission is to get you on the healing track. If you learn the language of your body so that you can use colds, headaches and aches and pains as messages that require your attention, then chances are you’ll be able to live your life in a more joyful and healthy way.

In most cases, ‘healing and curing don’t have to be either / or proposition. Though I ask my patients to consider the message behind their symptoms, I also suggest treatments that will support them physically while they’re learning how to trust their bodies. Holistic healing may mean using drugs, surgery supplements, exercise and other modalities to help ease your symptoms while at the same time understanding that illness always has an emotional and spiritual aide that may not be obvious at first glance.

To quote an ancient physician, “The function of a good doctor is to amuse the patient while God does the healing.” I like that. Your body has an enormous capacity to heal. You would be astounded by how many of my patients make appointments and find that by the times they come to the office, their original problem is all but gone! It seems that by the very act of asking for help, the healing process begins.

If you concentrate on this, your cure may just come on its own, And even if it doesn’t, you’ll know the compassion and gratitude that are two of life’s greatest gifts.”

(Dr. Christiane Northrup – October 1995, Page 6, Health and Wisdom for Women)