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The Light of Michael and Raphael

       Angelic Healing Codes

Hello Angel!

I took a Course called The Advanced Angels Practitioner’s Course with a prominent spiritual teacher which catapulted my interest to learn more about the Angels.

I’ve since learned to keep my Guardian angel closer to me than ever and it brings me such joy knowing that my Special Angel will always be by my side protecting, intervening,  and seeing to it that I am guided to the right situations that are in line with my Soul’s mission, at all times.

I communicate with him just like talking with a best friend – in fact, he is my bestest friend, he does know my in’s and out’s – This is because I have expressed my desire that he plays an active role in my life.

My heart remains open to receiving grace; on April 5th, I met a new Angel named David who brought me the most prolific knowledge …

April 5th’s New Moon brought in spontaneous and divine downloads from the Angel David. This seemed to be a summation of all of the Healing Codes brought to me to help clients during their Healing Sessions.

In other words – all of the Codes that were brought to my awareness during my clients healing sessions and put together in a sequential order.

In my Prayerful Life,

I may never experience another profound information from my Angels. I feel reassured that the  Angels will always be nearby and I am forever grateful for this divine gift of the Angelic Healing Codes I now call The Light of Michael, and Raphael.

I hope that this inspires you to get to know your Guardian Angels and and all of your powerful invisible entourage. 

All My Love,

Rev. Medium Katherine

The Angelic Healing Codes are offered via Distance Healing and are offered on the Zoom Location on our website’s Booking Platform.