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Intuitive You – Psychic Development Course is a simplistic and practical course that will help you harness and develop your innate intuitive talents for you to apply in your daily life.

We won’t talk over your heads ~ we promise !! 

This is a course for you if you are in search for a detailed but simplistic Psychic Development Course that will guide you to recognize this thing you have called ‘Intuition’.

This is a course for you to re-discover who you are as a Co-Creator and a powerful manifestor of your true desires. This is a 6 week immersive course that includes weekly lessons, workbooks, homework, group development circles where you will learn to develop and recognize your most dominant senses, learn about the chakra centers, the essentials, and then later as we develop together, we will progress and tune in to reading objects, pictures and more…

You’ll discover learning easily through our illustrative video’s and light filled audio’s brilliantly put together by our creative team and narrated by Medium Katherine.

Our end goal is to get you to a comfortable state with the knowing that we have equipped you with significant but practical tools to help in your development.

Plus .. you’ll have access to our secret Facebook page and the lessons forever and ever… 

You have our promise ~ we’re in this together.

Re-discover your True Divine Essence !!

Classes form each month, to enroll in the program send us an e-mail at or call our office at 408 874 6307.