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Intuitive Business Consulting

Intuitive Business Consulting Medium Katherine


Get real time expert advice from a Professional Psychic and Medium vetted by the elite team of Psychics at Medium Katherine continues to serve and is active in the Spiritual Circuit since 2007, and known to be a Clairvoyant since childhood. Katherine applies extensive areas of Practice and years of Experience in Accessing Higher levels of Insight, practical real life knowledge to help her Clientele.

Medium Katherine maintains working relationships with:

  • ERA Realty, Orlando, Florida
  • Keller Williams, Santa Barbara, Ca.
  • Vendome Properties

Many Psychics answer many business questions in a course of a client’s Private Reading. The use of an Intuitive Business Consultants service has increased since the downfall of the market in 2007.

As a Psychic/ Intuitive, Medium Katherine’s role is to deal with the specifics of your business and how your business relates to today’s world.

Many people are coming to realize that they need the guidance and support of an Intuitive and Medium Katherine is happy to help.

Medium Katherine has the ability to access higher insight, thus able to see situations frame by frame in regards to Business Workflows, tune in to Core manpower challenges and inform you as far as where each staff member’s skills fit in.

As a Clairvoyant, she can see and feel energies that are influencing your workspace and will bring tools to help remedy energetic issues.

Did you know –

that without admitting to it, many World Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, have consulted the divination of Intuitives throughout history.  In this time and age it’s becoming more and more common for business owners to retain Intuitives to be part of their ‘Team” to help them unravel real issues.

History speaks…

In India – there is a ‘section’ in their government that employs Psychics. In Egyptian History, Seers were regarded in their High Courts to help with decision making.

Read about our governments Stargate Project here

The Core –

the way one runs his or her business boils down to what his relationship is with himself and his immediate circle (Family and close friends).

Digging deep into what your natural talents are and how you lead your organization is important. Medium Katherine will be able to point out your strong points as a Leader and let you know what areas need improvement. She can help you make staff decisions as well.

Working with Medium Katherine –

in real time is practical, easy, organized, focused with some play time included.

Experience –
Builders, Realtors, Small Business Owners, Properties, Land Ownership.

We work with Land Owners (Farmers, Agriculture), Land Developers, Real Estate Brokers and Realtors, Builders (Commercial and Residential), Turn-Key Business,

If you are looking to try a Unique Service to gain higher and broader perspective

If you are looking for guidance in Work / Life Balance

If you are looking for ways to improve your Company’s Workflow

If you are looking for unique perspectives to Mitigate work life scenarios

If you are looking to gain more clientele

Processes on how we do our work will be explained.

Strong references available just ask.

Your Sessions are classified confidential

  • Consult Fee – $200.00
  • 4 Week Retainer fee – $2,000 for 1 Property Listing/ Business / Business Start Up

Benefits of Retainer Fee:

  • 3 calls per week (an hour per call)
  • Unlimited e-mails

We provide high-touch and personalized service One Client at a Time