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Hello Dew drop ~ May the Earth teach you quiet as the grasses are still with new Light. May the Earth teach you freedom as the Eagle soars the sky. Blessings to you ~ Love MediumKatherine

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What Others Are Saying About Medium Katherine

"I would like to take the time to let others know what your has done for me. I asked for your help when I had many paths to choose from which would greatly impact my family's financial outcome. During some of my most extremely unstable times you helped guide my Financial Path for my Family and their Legacy. I listened to what you and the spirit had to say and had you help interpret what it mean for me on a day to day basis. I am forever thankful I have had the blessings to have known you all these years and cannot thank you enough for the financial guidance you have provided me. All things came to be as needed for myself and my Family's Legacy. I would recommend your services to anyone who is looking for additional insight on financial aspect of their life."
Project Manager / Commercial Builder - San Francisco, Ca.
"I very much enjoyed Abhyanga. It was relaxing and felt very good. I did feel tired afterwards and slept very well like you said I would! The only thing I wished was different was that it was longer than 30 minutes. Thanks again for providing this!"
Keena Doerner
H.R. Director
"Just wanted to give you the great news! Today I received the offer letter on the dream job at the very hospital that I had asked you about months ago!! Yay!!! I HAD to share this with you-you mentioned it wouldn’t be till the summer, although I applied for the job back in Feb! I was getting a little discouraged, but kept the hope and it finally happened! And YOU WERE RIGHT! Thank you ☺️ Xoxoxo "
Amar Bhullar
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